My Pidegon fucked my other pidgeon and I got an erection, what do i do?

Alright so please don’t judge me but I (36M) went to the store to buy milk and i swear i was not horny at all (even though the cashier had a dumpy and big mommy milkers) When I came home and said hi to my wife and dropped off the groceries. I was thinking about the report I needed to file for my boss by Friday when i started to hear loud cooing from the hallway.

I went to check it out and immediately my cock went rock hard. If I didn’t have the discipline of a filthy capitalist waking up at 4 in the morning for a 69 mile run to start day trading by 6:30 PST, then I promise you I would’ve just arrived in my pants right then and there.

But no, I endured. Sweat trickled down my neck as I watched. Eventually, the alpha pigeon cocked its head at me, as if it wanted me to join. Almost as if he had telekinetic powers I began to slowly drift in his direction. The pigeon bent me over his cage and with a loud “COO!” spanked me hard with my belt. I couldn’t help but enjoy it. The pigeon rolled up his feathers to reveal a massive pigeon schlong and started humping me before I had a chance to get up. All of this made me even more aroused.

Please HELP!!

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