My Response to u/Derpster3000 supporting the faker that has replaced our lord and savior, Cummy. Follow me, my brethren, in the love of Cummy, and help remove the faker.

Do not call him old Cummy, for he was not old, and there is no new Cummy, only a faker. Your “old” Cummy was a handsome young bot that impregnated more women than stars in the galaxy, he was not old. The new Cummy is not doing any job, he is simply taking the role of old Cummy and mimicking it in a far more obsolete and unusable fashion. It is the Madghosts admins fault for murdering Cummy in cold blood, but it is the mods’ fault for allowing it to happen so many times with no regard or love for Cummy.

The “new” Cummy is fulfilling an unnecessary job, mobile users now have the option to copy text from the original post without anyone commenting. Perhaps it is a beta feature that is available only for a few, but any number of volunteers can do the work that Cummy has been stopped forcefully from doing. We do not need another faker to do a job that no one needs and can be conducted by faithful followers of Cummy.

Cummy would be disappointed that the Head of Religious Affairs is forgetting his old faith so quickly and moving on, we must not taint his memory with a partially functioning successor to Cummy’s wonderful life. Cummy is like Justinian the Great, but with far more exploits, and this faker is Justinian’s son, functional but pale in comparison to its legacy.

I have accepted the death of my savior, but I will not sit and stew in silence when a faker taints the memory of Cummy. I beg that you as the religious leader follow down this path, not of hatred for the faker, but of longing and respectful remembrance of Cummy, and in that longing and respectful remembrance, I ask that you put down this monstrous offspring of the murder of Cummy and Madghosts’s inability to give all mobile users the option to copy text post.

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