My rock hard bod.

Damn I wish my body looked like that. I would go to the beach and have a pal throw me a football, then I would catch it right beside some cute girls and start chatting with them while being a really nice guy but not too nice. Then I would invite them for a dip in the water. Then with some playful water fighting I would figure out which cutie wants my body the most. Then I would ask her if she wants to go for a walk. Then in a secluded area I would ask her if she wants to hear a secret? Then I would lean in like I’m going to whisper in her ear and I would kiss her neck instead. Then we would start making out hard in the grass and I would squeeze her boobs. But she is on her period so she stops me from fingering her. Then we get married and have kids and I get a dad bod and she dumps me because she is shallow and only loves me for my rock hard bod. The end. I could keep going but it spirals into a depressing situation.

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