My son’s played a videog*me a few nights ago when I was asleep and I’m worried it has permanently infected my brain

4 days ago I was doing a sweep of my 15 year old son Cain’s phone to make sure there was nothing that god would find shameful on there. I found a few minor offensives on there. He was doing some research on what to do when being bullied so I gave him a wedgie and told him to quit being such a little pussy and just hit Jannet in her smug bitch face if she teases him about his eyes being too blue again. He was also trying to buy a fake ID to join the army, which I originally wanted him to wait until he was 16, but considering how he acts around that smug little bitch Jannet, it might be good for him to join up now. But then I noticed some videog&mes on it 🥵 He claimed they weren’t actually on his phone and that when I searched for “Videog&mes” on his search engine they just come up but I don’t believe him. I quickly hit my younger son Abel and threw him in an ice bath just to be safe.

The strange thing is ever since that night, my mind has been consumed with homoerotic images. I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I don’t know what else could be causing them. To be fair I have always had these thoughts, and have never been attracted to women, but I think there may be a demon inside of me.

I know videog^mes (and other satanic matters) don’t directly cause people to become homosexual, but they do find ways to destroy families. I know that if I wasn’t straight and had a loving husband, the daemon would be filling my head with thoughts and ideas of naked women (yuck) all day to destroy the loving family we created. Side note: How nice would it be to just be gay? You could be with a nice attractive man with their muscles and tight corners, instead of having to be attracted to women and their weird creepy bodies.

I’m not sure what to do. I know I should lock all my children and wife in separate rooms until the daemon is gone, but it’s hard when all 8 of us share a 140sq foot studio apartment. Gina has been outside on the fire escape for the past 72 hours because she’s the youngest and most susceptible to daemonic possessions but we only put 8 bottles of formula out there and eventually, I might need to feed her again.

I think the best solution would be for people of this The Face Book group to post pictures of funny yellow meemee men.

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