My (TEEN HUMAN FEMALE) daughter wants me (ADULT HUMAN FEMALE) to take HER the gym???

Hi all, MotherOfWombynne here again. My daughter, Melissa (or Missy), is begging me to take her to the gym to work on her gains. She’s already shaved her beautiful locks and now she wants to look like the Rock instead of the Adult Human Female role models I’ve provided for her. I told her she doesn’t need to go to the gym to look beautiful, and she needs the extra fat to look more feminine, but she isn’t listening. Yesterday, we got a heavy package for a guy named Abel on our doorstep, but Missy took it before I was able to report it to the police. I don’t know what it is, but I’m worried it is what I’m concerned about.

Any advice?

Love and eternal wombynnehood for wombynne-born-wombynnes,



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