My war with cancer, covid and the Black Death

From a young age of 0 nearly 73 I was diagnosed with cancer which stunted my growth in this unforgiving society we call our home. Then a minute later a plague doctor walked by my house and touched me giving me the Black Death which also started to kill me. Then in 2020 I was coughed on by an elderly lady who then spat on my eye giving me lethal conoravirus. These events ruined my oh so precious life giving a young child now 34 nearly 7 mental health issues. I started to thing suicidal thoughts even when given my Nokia brick as a present from the wolves who raised me from a young age.
As the year progressed suicidal thoughts crept in aided by the constant bullying that I received from the big kids at school. I was about to jump when I saw him. He zoomed above the water like a majestic banshee. Arms stretched the flying gorilla himself stopped to tell me to stop. He looked at me and with that simple glance told me everything one needed to know (included the meaning of life) he then told me a precious piece of advice everyone should follow. Download flying gorilla on the App Store. This beautiful game saved me from my diseases. It vanquished they cancer, the covid and even the Black Death. You must download this game for your own sake. It has saved me and many others by being the single most greatest piece of engineering ever. Download it now.

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