My wife has large, tubular nipples

My wife has large, tubular nipples that whistle when someone looks are her boobs. It’s pretty funny when a guy or uh (what’s that kind of girl called who likes to look at another girl’s boobs?) looks at my wife’s, and these are pretty jumbo bumbos we’re talking here, yams, and her boobs perk up reactively like a startled hare, and then there goes the whistling. Like a sustained toy train whistle, each nipple whistles in different notes and in perfect harmony. Boy, those peeping pud tuggers really get surprised by that one, but if they persist in their gaping gazing, then my wife will whip out those whammers and really let the whistlers blow! Haha! Then the whole room or concert venue really knows who the pervert is! That creep is caught! Everyone sees it plain as day that that person is a boob looker, and just to rub insult in their injury, I give my wife’s singing nips a lickity lick. That’s just a show of dominance, and yes, it is very sexual for both of us and a little kink we’ll take back to the bedroom at some point later that week.

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