Nerd Emoji

I just want to say this now because I know yours is a joke. (So this *isn’t* directed at you)

This has been stewing in me for so long and it can’t be said when necessary.

For starters the emoji makes me understand 80’s movie bullies. I don’t wanna punch a lot of people, but that nerd emoji face deeply inspires the feeling when it’s just around.

The nerd emoji was the stupidest fucking meme to arise in the last year. That pile of generic memes that happened where it’s just something stupid with a 3D stock footage of a nerd emoji floating around.

Then it bled out into a conversation piece, even more annoying. Half of the internet turned into the same level of bullshit as “I know you are but what am I” toddler banter. Somebody would respond to genuine input with that emoji and nothing else (like your joke, but as a serious rebuttal to a discussion) and people ate that shit up. It made that one symbol into a thread killer.

The worst part, even if you agree with someone’s standpoint, but point out the emoji adds nothing, they just send another one like the idiots on /b/ and /r/okbuddyretard do with their *” ” ” ” “trolling” ” ” ” “*, or claim that you’re just le triggered because they think you disagree.

So many serious debates are ruined by the hoard of stupid kids circlejerking the nerd face. It just recurses and infinitely folds in on itself with no effort.

Sure, call people a nerd, but fuckin say why at least. It’s the same as “this” or “I updooted this incredibly underrated comment”, but the negative version.

>inb4 someone replies with a single nerd emoji

#Nerd #Emoji

What do you think?

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