New original OC please no steal mk

Listen up, new original OC, aight Yeah so she’s 15 and she’s half demon and also half angel, oh and also shes half vampire and because of this inner conflict with herself and has depression and she has struggled all her life also her parents died before she was born and she has no friends so shes depressed. She has the power to see through glass! and also do anything in existence and is conveniently attractive, but everyone calls her ugly so shes depressed. Also she has natural blue eyes and blonde hair and looks like a mishmash of every pintrest girl portrait. Did I mention shes depressed? Oh yeah and shes half deer because shes the daughter of Eden but she lives as an orphan in the slums of the richest bestest looking city in the world with a gang of children who can beat the best trained soldiers in the city with a slingshot, broken arrow and a handful of pebbles.

shes also myterious and devoid of all emotion and is depressed and shes half shadow demon as well. Also she has special blood because its dark red and is very shy but also very out going

and her spirit animal is a wolf. and shes also very strong, but naturally clumsy and shes also gifted in every form of hand to hand combat because she trained

Pleas donut steal OC ok thank

ok ples no steal for real gonna be newest top rated OC on deveitaart looking for commisison on Toyhouse plea dm me for price

#original #steal

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  1. Big Breakfast with them out with every cent that I’m a Hattori Hanzo katana and thought there was obvious. I could afford one time to consider yourself tell the best.. The males are unrealistic.

  2. Listening, the new original oc, yes, it is a priest of 15 and half, and also became half an angel, ooh, and also half a traction, and this inner Katsuto has its own depression, and there was no friend, because all his life died before the birth of the family. The power of vision from the glass! And it’s also very interesting to do something in its presence, but everyone calls with curtains because it’s highlighted. Also, there is a natural blue eyes and blonde hair, each girl looks like the elasticity mist、 of the pintlest. What is the impression? She was a girl, but she lived as an early orphan, so Oo Ye and his half Denial slingshot in the richest city, the broken arrow and the best trained alley useful.

    In addition, the、dow of the 。omena, not only does it cause all、s and stress. also has special blood for too much, not only dark red and very shy

    And the animals of the spirit swear the wolf. Meme and she is also very strong, but natural Lucy and she is also trained because she can fight in the form of hand

    Pleasant Donut Prime Ok Thanks

    Ok press, the latest will not play for real watch, the best value in deveitaart, sell kommisison in toys

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