NFTs and Star Wars

Well actually…
The reason black women shouldn’t be in star wars has nothing to do with nfts. First of all, it’s a LONG TIME ago in a Galaxy FAR FAR AWAY so for there to even be black people doesn’t even make sense. But aside from that, let’s say they did exist at one point outside of earth. With all the other aliens that are there, there’s no way that a woman especially would be able to keep the ancestral skin color because of all the intermixing that would happen, they might slightly resemble black but they would not be like what those “woke” Disney people are pushing. And even if they could be there, that would mean they aren’t from earth and therefore are aliens, so I don’t know how you can say that they should be in star wars and at the same time call me racist for talking about how blacks aren’t humans.
Back to the nfts, you snowflakes just love to make fun of stuff you don’t understand. Like it’s not my fault you don’t have enough money to see the benefits of buying them. I buy the token and then the money I used to buy it is untraceable, it’s the future, it’s not my fault you poors have to make everything about race to cover up the fact that we’re just smarter than you. You just need to work harder and you won’t be suffering anymore, maybe you should’ve thought about how bad your life would be before you decided to not make enough money and struggle to pay to live. I’m an entrepreneur and you’re not, just get over it and stop complaining to us who don’t blame everything on skin color.

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  1. In practice.
    Black women should not suffer from hunger in war and do nothing with the wife. First, it is too early to have a feeling that is even dark and even people on the axes that are far from far too distant. However, in addition to that, they should be said to be outside the Earth. As with all other foreigners, women cannot follow the ancestral skin, particularly when they are mild, but they do not favour those who are dissatisfaction. Even if they may do so, this means that they are not Earth but are not surprising, and Idon’t news is how you can say that they should be hungry wars, while calling on me to talk about black populations not human beings.
    At the outset, you have got to the hearts of what you understand. As you have mistaken, if you have enough to see the benefits of buying these funds. I purchase the money that I have acquired, and if the poor must do everything about the race, then it will not give us a light than you. You will have to work hard and you have earned more suffering, and you may wish to see how you will live even harshly before deciding not to pay enough money and livelihood. My contractors and you have no hesitation to repeat and cease to complain to us that he is not afraid to accuse us of all.

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