Nfts are the future

I’m tired of dumbass trolls thinking they’re so smart, NFTs are the future of stock, cryptocurrency, finance, etc. It’s so predictable, of course these retards would make fun of NFTs, just because they want to hide their lack of intelligence. While touring houses, I’ve already had multiple people tell me they accept BergtCoin and NFTs as valid payment for their housing, it just shows you that the anti-NFT bros are soon to be outnumbered. They complain about the price but they are just too poor to look into the future, they’re stuck in the past while we wander into the future of technology. Another argument I hear often against NFTs is the fact that they are “bad for the environment” computers as a whole are bad for the environment, and I don’t see any of them stopping to use their crappy technology. I’m starting to realize whether or not you like NFTs is the true test of IQ.

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