Nikocado Avocado’s Joker Speech

2 steps ahead. I am always 2 steps ahead. This has been the greatest social experiment I’ve come to know. Certainly the greatest social experiment, of my entire life. It’s alluring. It’s compelling. It’s gripping, to bear witness, to observe all these unwell, unbalanced, disoriented beings, roam the internet, in search of stories. In search of ideas. Of conflict. Of rivalries. Where people develop a distinctive desire for direct engagement. Where people feel involved with the stories. And therefore become product of influence. Thirsty for distraction from time unspent from lackluster lifestyles. Spoiling their minds, while stimulating them at the exact same time. It’s brilliant. But it’s also dangerous. It’s dangerous. I feel as if my life has been positioned to where I am monitoring ants on an ant farm. One follows another, follows another, follows another. It’s mesmerizing. It’s enthralling. It’s spellbinding. Just look at all these consumers. All of these lost, and bored, people. Consuming anything that they’re told to consume. I am the villain, if I make myself one. And people will consume these stories, year, after year, after year. Stories that are deliberately made to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction. People, are the most fucked up creatures, on this planet. And they will continue to consume, And i’ll continue to stay 2 steps ahead. Stories that shock. Today, I thought it would be a splendid idea to go out and get some food. To get some foo. Gee, are you surprised? Have you forgotten the story? Are you not paying attention? After all, you’re here to consume, are you not?

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