Nikola Tesla did some shady stuff [OC]

Nikola Tesla famously worked on a device that would harness energy from the Earth’s magnetic field, which would be able to provide functionally limitless electricity. But what would a single inventor need so much energy for? His greatest work, the Wardenclyffe Tower, if completed, was said to have been able to send wireless communications around the globe. While working on a similar project, he claimed to have received wireless communications from “outside this world”. Though he never really elaborated to the public what those signals received were, I believe Tesla was in direct communication with the future.

It’s only a matter of time until FTL technology will be invented; several physicist say it’s possible, and many laboratories are working on possible solutions. When FTL travel is invented, we will be able to send information faster than light, and thus, back in time by sending the information outside of its own light cone.

In the future the CIA will be able to send communications back in time to be received by Nikola Tesla. But why would they spend so much time and energy to send him information? Simple, they wanted to use his death ray.

It is well known that Nikola Tesla worked on or theorized the invention of a death ray. A weapon that would use directed, high-energy beams to silently kill enemies from afar. The perfect weapon for political assassinations. And what is the CIA most known for? That’s right, political assassinations.

I believe that in the future the CIA will contract Nikola Tesla to build them a death ray in the past so the technology would be perfected by the time they would be formed in 1947. And furthermore, the “space race” was just a PR coverup for installing death-ray space stations in orbit and on the moon. The CIA is able to silently target and kill anyone on earth that can be seen from space. Don’t believe me? Just look up spontaneous combustion. It’s all the CIA either testing their targeting capabilities or carrying out assassinations.

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