No. A labia doesn’t become bigger due to penetration.

No. A labia doesn’t become bigger due to penetration.

You’ve probably seen the images of the roast beef sandwiches being compared to a ‘’virgin’’ and ‘’non virgin’’.
Or ‘’when she wants to finally settle down’’ with a picture of a black hole being compared to a vagina.

Apparently a lot of people believe this shit, and though I didn’t have sex education and learn about anatomy in school, I know that a penis can’t change a vaginas size permanently.

I was very sexually active in my teens, and my vagina is just the same.
I have had a friend come up to me ask me if it was normal that her labia looked like what it does, and if anyone would ever want to have sex with her, she was a virgin, but some people could actually take a look at it and believe she have had sex with multiple men because their view on sex is so limited.

What logic is it that if a woman has sex with one man over a 100 times, it will be the same, but if a woman has sex with multiple men, it will become bigger? Does a penis leave an imprint? Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

Vulvas are all different and beautiful. Some clits stick out, some dont. Some have a pink labia, some are brown.

And to the people that might say ’’it’s just a joke.’’ My friend wanted to go under the knife to have a ‘’perfect labia’’. Your joke affects people in a negative way. Grow up and educate yourselves before you ruin someones sexual pleasure and confidence.

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  1. regional maps are not greater due to penetration.

    she can see the lead bones compared to the skills and skills.
    “gdy wants to finish” with black holes compared to soil.

    many are trusted to be g***, and although there is no sexual education and feelings about the anatomy in school, she knows that missions can not change the size of members.

    I was very active in summer, and my glory is equal.
    She has friends who have come to me to ask if it is normal that her labia looks like it is done, and if someone wants to have sex with her, it is virgin, but some people see her and believe that she has sex with her.

    If a woman has sex with one person more than 100 times, it will be independent, but if a woman has sex with a man, it will be bigger? and left bones? the young listen.

    different and beautiful. some of them, some of them. some of them have pink labia, some chocolate.

    and those who can speak only white. his dowries affects humans in a negative way. resurrection and health, before damage to sexual pleasure and trust.

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