No sound in early access game

I hope the devs are reading this

Every single one of you should feel sorry for yourself, releasing a product even in “Early Access” that is lacking something as core and fundamental as SOUND. Nobody I’ve ever known has been able to play the game with audio. And to my knowledge it’s been this way for the last 8 months – at least from what I can gather from the reviews on Xbox.

People know early access games are never perfect – but never in my life have I came across a game that gets released even in beta form without audio.

And I’ve only touched on one major flaw of the game – I don’t think I need to go into all the other bugs / game crashing in middle of missions, not being able to launch the game at all, etc.

If you want to prove to the community you have the slightest amount of pride or good intentions for the future of this game – then stop whatever you’re doing immediately and fix the audio. That would at least be one (seemingly easy) step in the right direction.

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