Noita God Runs

I have spent two weeks collecting the True Knowledge of this world but my work thirsts for more. I have angered the Gods and slain their sentinel to empower myself in parallel worlds and take Corrupted Knowledge. I studied the long-since dead Alchemists and harnessed forbidden understanding of this world that terrified even them. The old have been devoured for the new to take their place, resting in the Skies and Hell itself. I have struck corruption into the heart of the infinite Hellscapes, and united the Dark Sun to the skies above, tearing the land between to shreds. I fear nothing. The High Alchemist, whose path I have followed, has been killed in many realities. The Leviathan is dead, taking the pure water of the world with it to the grave. The many witnesses and minions of Kolmisilma have been killed, as the great one awaits below for the very same fate. I look at the Lava that once threatened me and drink it to satiate my power. I bask in the burning glory of the two suns I forged without care, for even they serve no threat to me. The gods I once enraged are since afraid me, and shall I find them, they too shall suffer a fate they designed themselves. However, in such glory I shall always live in fear of the ever-looming possibility that, at any moment, I could transform into a sheep.

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