Not a 14 year old r/teenagers user posting bikini pics for self validation and posting sexual things because she wants men to like her

r/teenagers is the best submadghosts on the planet. I love it when 49 year old men (who say that they’re 15) validate me by calling me sexy! 😍 Whenever someone brings up my crippling insecurity I offer shitty arguments that make no sense and I downvote their posts because I’m so kekw xD 😂I’m so quirky guys! Even though I can’t handle the fact that I have a 1.) mid personality, 2.) a lack of a father figure, 3.) I can’t handle being criticized as a person! If you even try to make a joke about it (despite my internet activities being very suspicious! 😳) I will downvote you and I will have horny men downvote your post! Anyways besties, I’ll send nudes to anyone who adds me on discord because I’m so lonely and I love validation for my body because I have nothing else going for me! 😛/srs

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