Notch chuckled as he posted

As Notch hit post, he chuckled to himself, the sounds echoing through the empty halls of his palatial mansion. That ought to show those libtards he thought, eating a handful of stale, chalky M&Ms from his candy wall.
Once upon a time, he had imagined those candy dispensers would be a fun thing to show off for visiting friends, a cute perk for the many guests at the parties he’d throw. He had entertained the idea of refilling them with exotic sweets from countries all over the world as they were emptied by his many guests, new flavors for his social circle to sample every month. But that was a long time ago. Now, in 2022 the rows of glass jars hung dusty on the wall. None had ever been refilled; none were more than half empty. Notch sighed, and shuffled off to get another handful of green M&Ms. Someone might as well enjoy them.

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