Nutting at a funeral

My uncle died due to heart failure this day, it was very tragic and all I could do for the rest of that year was mourn his passing. A few days after his death, the whole family had gone to his funeral (9/16/2016). Everyone at the funeral was crying, especially me, my step-brother, and my wife. Before the funeral I was extremely horny (regular occurrence) and I thought it would be terrible if I nutted before a funeral. While at the funeral I could not stop staring at my Wife’s tits. She was wearing a some-what exposed shirt and a skirt that day and oh boy did it turn me on! After some of my Uncle’s friends were done story-telling or whatever, I went to the bathroom. You’d think I went in there to cry or take a piss, no. I lock the door, sit on the toilet and pull up I don’t really remember exactly what I watched that day, all I know was that it was some hardcore shit. I nutted so hard that it almost reached the bathroom wall, some had gotten on the floor and the rest drizzled down my shaft. The nut was immaculate. I exit the bathroom with a grin on my face and a secret to be kept. A few minutes pass, and I see my step-brother enter the same bathroom I had gone too earlier. My heart was beating hard. I still remember the look on his face when he exited the bathroom. He never asked me about it but I knew that he knew.

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