Officer friend vs entire FB page

Because I can’t figure out how to message you all. I’ve talked to my officer friend and he’s doing some tracking down to have you all arrested for online bullying. You block my comment because someone is screaming rape of a consenting adult cheating? I’m just glad I have family that’s in law enforcement. Now you have 2 choice. Prison for online bullying or shutting down the page. Good luck. And I’d be happy to send the officers information that’s working on charges.

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  2. Because I can’t tell you how to send everything. I’ve talked to my official friend and he’s arrested for all of you online harassment to track down. Do you place my comment since someone has an adult agreeing to rape? I’m glad to have a family in law enforcement. Now you have 2 options. gel to break online or close the page. Good luck, and I’m pleased to send the information from the officers who work in the post.

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