Oh, so your a Gorillaz fan? huh

oh, so your a “Gorillaz fan” huh? fine, name me any song besides DARE, Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood, Rhinestone Eyes, On Melancholy Hill, Dirty Harry, Tomorrow Comes Today and Rock The House.

Ill wait.

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  1. Oh, so your gorilla fan? Smooth, my name vines in addition to the song, feel good nickle. In the client Eastwood, I Rhinestone, Melancholy Hill, Dirty Harry, comes today and rocks the house.


  2. oh 😱😳, so your πŸ‘‰ a “Gorillaz 🍼 fan πŸ™Œ” huh 😨? fine πŸ‘ŒπŸ½, name πŸ“› me any song 🎢 besides β˜ƒ DARE 😑, Feel 😜 Good πŸ‘ Inc βœ‚β‰βš ., Clint Eastwood 🀠, Rhinestone πŸ’Ž Eyes πŸ‘€, On πŸ”› Melancholy πŸ˜ͺ Hill β›°, Dirty 😷 Harry πŸ€“βš‘, Tomorrow πŸ“† Comes πŸ’¦ Today πŸ“† and Rock πŸ—Ώ The House 🏑.

    Ill πŸ“ wait 🚏.

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