okbuddychicanery moment

I wanna fucking kill myself this fucking finger meme ruined this submadghosts and is attempting to ruined the entire internet more than it already was. It was kinda funny the first time when it was a subversion of the “kid named paint” meme. But simply putting “kid named” in front of whatever you want to say is about the most unfunny thing in the fucking world. You aren’t funny, and now this entire sub is gonna bitch about how someone mainstream said the joke as if they haven’t been spamming it on the most unrelated places on the internet for no fucking reason. “Fun’s over everyone” no it’s not fucking over because it never was fun to begin with God fuck. It’s not like they’re gonna stop. This meme is still gonna be going around for months at least. I can’t escape it. I started watching Game of Thrones a couple weeks ago and there’s this character in it called “Littlefinger” and every time they call him that I’m forcibly reminded of this God awful sub and the worst joke to come of it. I can’t escape it. Even if I were to never use this sub again, I’ll still hear the basement dwellers of this sub saying “kid named finger” over a serious post about how people romanticize depression or of a gorilla twerking. There’s no escape, it’s all meaningless. The only way to get rid of this is killing everyone and everything so no one can make the kid named finger joke. Then and only then will I be rid of this curse.

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