Om Nom caught stealing candy – Part 1/2

Om Nom from Cut the Rope caught stealing a whole bucket of candy A CCTV video gives us a quick glimpse of Om Nom from Cut the Rope approaching and trying to take a whole bucket of candy away, still full and everything. However, all becomes clear when you see that the bucket of candy contains Om Nom’s favourite Campino boiled sweets. The little green monster was caught around the streets riding in the bucket, which was recently modified to have wheels so that he could fit in with all of the other cars, and speed off. Om Nom is a greedy little chap. He was spotted back in June sneaking into a room and grabbing an entire cake, as well as whatever he could. We do not know why Om Nom stole a bucket of candy other than because it had his favourite Campino candies, but maybe it could have been because he saw some other candy that he never tried before. In any case, we hope everyone will stop trying to take the delicious candy away from the poor Om Nom, because the last time we saw him in his wheeled bucket, his stomach was growling because he hadn’t eaten anything for a couple of days. Still, we don’t see him coming after our chocolate bars either. But maybe that might happen in the next video. You never know, eh? If you’re reading this, Om Nom… You need to go to the shops to get that candy and buy you some chocolate, but then, just leave it. Continue with the next news story “Om Nom seen stealing chocolate bars for the first time” That’s right, guys! After the bucket, he’s going for the chocolate bars! We’ll probably see the whole ‘birthday stash’ tucked into his basket, and he’s back in the same wheeled bucket we saw him in before. A new video appears to show the little fella loading the candy into his basket, and then driving off and leaving the others behind. So who’s going to stop him now, Om Nom? Until he doesn’t go into the shops with his mates anymore, the other characters in Cut the Rope are giving him the best advice… If you’re

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