On Moira from overwatch

what if i am?

also, let’s see: i understand her appearance is not for everyone, but she has beautiful slender, slim and flexible body and if you’re into that kind of shit (i’m not tho) a great ass

her abilities are beyond hot, just try to imagine her healing and succing (with her grasp) you at the same time, i don’t even know what you can compare the feels with

she can cook and she likes to bake, and combined with her love for science and carelessness for ethics you can eat something weird any time you sit with her at the same table

and i don’t even know if all of it matters after you hear her voice

one of the coolest things about that is Genevieve O’Reilly didn’t even change her voice, this interview was year before her character release [https://youtu.be/xgP16IODXB8](https://youtu.be/xgP16IODXB8) and she sounds like moira, she looks similar to moira, she almost is moira

moira is a total package: smart, beautiful and unethical

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