One of my friends is xenogender

They say they want to use kitty/kitself pronouns from now own. I just don’t feel comfortable referring to someone as kitty so what the heck should I do 😭

Edit: Just wanted to clarify that I don’t want to drop this friend like some of you are suggesting. Tbh it probably wasn’t a good idea to ask this sub for advice

Edit 2: I told them it makes me uncomfortable and they said that they’ve decided to shorten it to kit instead of kitty, and also said that I can use they/them pronouns instead. So there’s that.

Edit 3: Man some of y’all have really shown your ignorance, saying shit like “I hate pronouns” while you just used a pronoun in that sentence 💀. This sub is the fucking worst

#friends #xenogender

What do you think?

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