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this is it, this is PEAK dommy mommy omg <3 those attractive muscles, her intense and rough expression, her thick, soft and jiggly motherly breasts, everything about her makes me wanna strip, lie down in bed, ander her go to town on my body~ i want her to wrench my legs apart with those big strong arms and stare at me with pure lust as she unleashes her massive, foot-long erection from her gym shorts and plunges it balls deep into my virgin ass without warning~ her body would collide with mine so hard that my ass would be lifted off the bed for a moment~ every single time she jackhammers her enormous shaft into my body her huge breasts would shake and id yelp loudly as our sweat rubbed off on each other~ i want her to treat me like a used up toy, to just fucking ruin me and my little holes for her pleasure alone, choking me until i nearly black out and squeezing my hips so hard i squirm uncontrollably~ i couldn’t even imagine being able to escape her endless lust, nor would i want to~ despite how badly she breaks my body, im always left wanting more the moment she pulls out <3 i surrender my body and mind to mommy :3

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