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Hiiiiii 🥰 I just saw your selfie and the first thing I want to say is you’re stunning 😍 seriously beautiful regardless of whether you’re interested in me or what I have to say 🙈 I wanted you to know that. I also wanted to say, I really hope above anything that you’re not offended at all by me asking this, that’s not my intention. If it’s something you’re not into or not into someone like me I totally understand!

With that said, I’m {redacted}, my main Madghosts account is {redacted} and I’m wondering if you’d have any interest in any of the things I’m looking for 🥰

I know the message is a bit long so, I’ve put a shortened version of what I’m looking for at the bottom.

I’m ideally looking for a long term domme, an ongoing arrangement although not a daily commitment or something really time consuming (I want this to work for you too, to be something you enjoy) it can be online or in person too so distance is fine. We can either have a weekly/monthly arrangement or pay by session depending on what works best. I wondered if you’d be interested in talking about it more?

I’m also looking for a long term roleplay (paid) that would involve voice, pictures, videos and potentially video calls 🥰 I have a few scenarios involved but they revolve around feminising me long term. I’d love if you have experience in this but happy to talk through it! I don’t want to be a huge time burden so it wouldn’t be a daily thing unless you wanted it to. I’d love to discuss more

Also, if you’re in the UK I’d love if you were open minded to meeting up. That can be with the intention of making content together, or not if you’d prefer. For me ideally I’d love someone with a bit of experience however it’s not totally needed as I’ve met people before just not with content involved. Importantly, I’D PAY YOU, whether it involves content or not quite frankly because I want you to know how grateful I am 🥰 We’d follow all of your rules and limits, you can remain fully clothed if you wanted, or as clothed as you’d like. We can meet publicly and stay public until you’re comfortable and only if you’re comfortable, go elsewhere. It might sound silly but for me it’s more about the experience so in terms of the business/finance side I’d want to make sure you feel fairly compensated for it. I have 45k followers so a wide audience 💕 and I go between 400-500 subs a month 🥰 I’d want you to feel comfortable and safe and of course wed take any and all precautions you’d like. In terms of what I’d be looking for if we met. Ideally you’d be a domme, confident and maybe some experience in dominating but I’m also open to you being submissive and I have experience in that. We would absolutely discuss everything first anyway.

So in short, I’m looking for:

long term domme arrangement 🥰
Long term roleplay that revolves around feminisation 💕
Potentially meeting up for content collaboration ☺️

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