peaked in high school

Aye I get what you’re tryna say and I find this tweet offensive cause this tweet kinda hit home when it came across my page. You can’t disrespect people who had their glory days in high school. I was a top athlete and prom king nominee. I would appreciate it if you don’t go around saying people peaked in high school. Let people enjoy their golden days, please and thank you. It’s weird how you say that with ease. Stop hating on someone’s flex, just because high school wasn’t your glory days doesn’t mean you can shit on it. Idgaf how many years I’ve been out of hs, I’ll rock the letterman until the stitches fall off Before I block you I just want to say if your goal is to trigger someone by tweeting peak in high school, next time don’t put no disrespect in it. I was the shit 10 years ago and I will hold onto the 4 years I was golden. You wish you had a prime at that time and I’m not talking about life now but I know you wish you was the shit in the high school.

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