pencil x sharpener

“F-faster!” The sharpener moaned as the pencil went inside deeper and deeper into the hole.The sharpener was starting to sweat as the pencil moaned.It was starting to hurt, but they didnt care.It was fun and they continued.The night was long and they were tired. But each time they do it the feeling was fun again.After a long consideration, the pencil decided that it was time to stop, but it wasn’t up to him.The young boy felt that it wasn’t sharp enough, the pencil felt scared.It was another 10 seconds before the pencil was took out of the sharpener, he was half dead.The pencil and sharpener alike were both sore and exhausted.The pencil was too sharp for its own good, he snapped and broke off his lead.This marked the end of the pencil, the sharpener watched in horror as the young boy put the dead pencil into her again.It was a great taste of their own medicine, it was too much of a good thing.

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