People are complaining that my chocolates are making girls pregnant

You know, I’ve been selling chocolates at school. My family is struggling financially, and I thought it would be great if I started selling homemade chocolates at school. Well I did. I went to the market and made my homemade chocolates.

For a while, like a few weeks, my business was doing well at school. I sold it at recess, and I always gave the girls a discount. However, a week later, several parents complained to me, saying that I got their daughters pregnant. One question: how did I do it? Okay, like I said, my family is struggling financially. Lately the price of food products has increased considerably, so I had to cut costs. Instead of supermarket milk, I added my own milk to the recipe. I jerked off a lot, I put my milk in the recipe. I ejaculated so much. My bronw chocolate turned white chocolate. The gray kitchen wallpaper is three shades lighter now.

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