pigeon… 1/5

As me and the pigeon met, we knew what we had to do, as we stared, for hours in the bedroom, I finally undressed, as I did, so did the pigeon, I slowly started thrusting my hips at first 20 bpm, but soon, I felt something coming, a urg to continue, I sped up to 120 bpm for a while, as I took my rock hard dick out of the pigeon, I saw wight goo coming out of my dick, and the pigeons tierd hole, I was so involved with staring into the pigeons eyes, that I hadn’t realized I had cum…


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  1. 2/5…although it didn’t matter now, I continued to thrust after hours, hours, and hours more, my cock was bleeding, the pigeon had fall asleep, likely coma, my balls were shriveled after releasing so much into the pigeon, thus, I left the room, and never saw the pigeon again..

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