planted women’s underwear in our bathroom and now my ex and his side piece are being bullied at work

# planted women’s underwear in our bathroom and now my ex and his side piece are being bullied at work

Long story short, my bf of 4 years had been cheating on me. I knew this for a fact and knew that they had been fucking in our bed regularly. She was a girl from his workplace.

For context, I’m curvy and she’s slim. This is only important because of the size difference. Think a size 16 and size 8 (UK). My (ex)bf is also extremely sensitive to smells and quite unforgiving. One time I tooted in front of him, he gagged and he did not want to physically touch me for a month. My farts are really not even that bad I promise, or at least that one wasn’t.

I didn’t have evidence really. I only knew it for a fact as I had seen something with my eyes but I didn’t take pictures or anything and I really didn’t want to deal with him trying to gaslight me again.

So I bought some size 8 women’s underwear, asked my brother to work out with them bandaged to his armpit, rubbed a bit of soup where a skidmark would be, and make them fucking stink of tuna. They smelt strongly of BO and fish. The skids were more modest tbh, I didn’t want to be unrealistic.

I faked a night out and I knew that he had her over during that night. So the next day I started asking about a weird smell in the bathroom, making jokes asking if he had waffled stomped in the shower etc. I guess the pants in the little bin started to get really funky (it was like 38⁰c over those few days) because it got so bad that he refused to even go in there and started bathing at his mother’s house. He even called someone over to look at the plumbing but of course they didn’t find anything to explain it. This was fucking golden to me because now he was just wasting money too.

After 5 days I told him that I’d found the problem and I wasn’t happy. Asked him who the size 8 with the rotten fanny was. His face was glorious. He immediately started to defend himself. It was beautiful. I didn’t plan this part but I stated to realise the situation and what scum he was and I threw the pants at him, shouting that I had found these in the bathroom bin and that he needs to pick someone who doesn’t have the worst case of BV I’ve ever seen and asking if he knew that he could have spread whatever infection this was to me.

The smell was horrendous, he threw up. I don’t know for sure but I imagine his dick shrank all the way up.

I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks now but I know from a friend who works at the same place as them that that he has told everyone about what she left in the bin and how disgusting it was. She obviously denied it but it didn’t do much good.

Now this girl is getting bullied at work and people are making nasty comments about her and my friend is pretty sure that she’s going to be leaving soon due to it. He’s also getting bullied and people keep making jokes about how his dick must reek of fish and aboht how he fucks various ocean creatures.

I haven’t told anyone about this, not even my friend, and I don’t plan to. I know I should be mad at him and not her but she did know we were together so I can’t actually bring myself to care all that much

Just needed to tell SOMEONE even if everyone tells me I’m an arsehole for this stunt.

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