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Vanoss indirectly taught me how to masturbate

This is a very weird story but I kinda want to share it. It all started with this video at the exact time stamp: []( . I watched this video a time not so long ago and then the day after that I went to school. Now in school I had a friend who was also a Vanoss fan and I talked to him about the video. Soon I then started talking about the joke of Delirious holding the plane joystick like it’s his pp and my friend was like “wait you don’t do that?” and then I answered “don’t do what?” and he said “play with your dong, you know real men does that right?” Me being an idiot felt offended and said “yeah I do that…”. After school I went back home and tried it…At first I did not get it and I thought I really had to hold it like a plane joystick but then soon I tried to do the jerking motion just like in gta 5 and then…the rest is history. THANKS VANOSS!

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