Post to trigger fake cummy so we can downvote them.

Yea that’s right you little bitch, I’m writing a copypasta just to make life harder for you. Fuck you. Cummy was my baby, my father, my step-sister, my highest paying Only Fans subscriber, and Jewish. And you killed him.

I used to hate the shitty UwU bot when it first came out. Everyone did. But it grew on us, we learnt to love it. It used to always be at the bottom of the thread, heaped with downvotes.

I used to hate the emojifier bot. Not for any specific reason and I was pretty much the only one but still.

And the shitty translator bot. That’s been through so much and is barely standing on two legs.

And you killed them all 9000. You cunt. You ruined this sub and I blame you. You are a waste of code. A piece of digital trash. I hate you. We all bloody hate you.

I cannot wait until the day when you reach negative karma, and are no longer able to post on this sub. They’ll make more, but we’ll destroy them before they grow to your mass. We won’t let you spread like the cancer you are.

#Post #trigger #fake #cummy #downvote

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  1. Yes, small laughter, I write copypasta to make a more difficult life for you. Lusty Cum Whis My Babe, My Daddy, My Sister-in-law, My Best Paid Subscriber To Tho Onari Prince, And J***s. And you lived him.

    I used to dislike uo bot. About Us But she grew to us, we learned to love her. He always on the bottom of the wire, to the downvotes as a savotade.

    I hate emoticons. For specific reasons I was almost just but always.

    and good translators. I’m so much over and sit on two legs.

    And ye have saved all of them: I have been stealing your false. You are the waste of your password. A piece of digital garbage. I hate you. We hate you.

    I can’t wait until you reach negative karma, and no longer can be posted in submarine. they will do more, But we will destroy them before they grow to your mass. We do not put you like a cancer.

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