Potential copypasta I came up with in response to some idiot getting mad about someone wishing a happy 4th of July (my first post so let me know if anything is wrong. The bold text is optional)

I can see you now, sitting in your grubby gaming chair that undoubtedly one of the nicest things you own. In fact, you had to take out a loan for it. Your grease-lined neck beard that you dyed rainbow when you were 28 gleams in the light of your moldy RGB keyboard and the feeble glow of your monitor coated in finger prints- the only two light sources in your one room apartment that is your mother’s basement. You balance your grey fedora atop the crater known as your forehead as you snort and giggle at the screen. “Can you believe this fascist cultist who cries to his sky daddy, my precious waifu?” The words emerge from your mouth like a dying man lost in a butter factory for three days until finally finding the exit, and Your chair squeaks in agony as you scooch yourself over to the body pillow to caress it’s suspiciously-stained curves. “***The fool made an instagram post wishing a happy Independence Day!*** Don’t worry my love, he won’t ever be able to hurt you.” Fast forward a week and a half, and your funeral consists of your mother and the cheap lawyer she hired from a billboard ad. The official cause of death is “lipid overdose.” You are buried with your bo

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