Potential Movie Idea #1

Man with a stupidly long 14.5 inch schlong is very shy and has trouble getting hard around girls. As a result, they think his dick is too small and he’s been friendzoned by all his crushes.

One day when the potential love of his life casually mentions not having good sex in a while, the protagonist gets the courage to volunteer and she reluctantly accepts due to the size of his mandingus. The protagonist is insanely excited about finally losing his virginity the next day and spends hours trying to perpare himself for the date. Little does he know: the love of his life gets propositioned by a man famous for his 10 inch bazooka on her walk home, she happily accepts and forgets about her date with the protagonist. The next day, our protagonist goes to knock on her door only to hear ungodly howls of pain and pleasure absolutely resonating through the entire building. In a hurry, he breaks down the door to ensure everything is okay. He enters just in time to see the love of his life get ripped apart by the antagonist’s 10 inch torpedo.

Our protagonist storms off and vows to one day be able to show his humongous hanger to the world. He tries prostitutes and various forms of sex workers to no avail. But my man’s resolve is resilient as fuck boiiii. He starts his training by sending pictures of his massive member to women in his social circle to ease the embarrassment. He gains mixed responses on the image, some are disgusted, some are intrigued but no one believes the image is real even after reading the 20 page report from the expert image analyst the protagonist hired to verify the authenticity of the image.

Frustrated, he goes to further lengths on his quest for supremacy. He decides that if they do not believe the images than he has no other choice but to start flashing his almost comically large king-size cock at random females in the streets of London. At first he is wildly unsuccessful and embarrassed. It takes him years of flashing but eventually after accosting a woman in the London Underground, he is finally able to produce an erection! He is so excited he doesn’t even look at the woman he is flashing. For some reason (beats me, really), the woman screams at the sight of the magnificent monument in this man’s pants. She immediately drops the baby in her arms. He has likely suffered some chronic defect due to this incident but she doesn’t care. They lock eyes for a moment but… They recognize eachother. It’s the former woman of this man’s dreams. She immediately regrets having a baby with such a relatively small ass dick in comparison. She begs the protagonist to take her back. The scene causes a lot of commotion and everyone gets up to see the glorious giant in full display during this encounter. Women start piling on, fighting for their share of meat. It turns into one of the most brutal bloodbaths London has ever seen. The roads are completely gridlocked due to traffic generated by people around the globe heading towards London to see the spectacular serpent. The incredible hulk. In seeing this, the protagonist realizes the ultimate truth. The moral behind every story. The secret to eternal satisfaction: “Bitches be trippin'”.

The protagonist looks at the woman he loved with absolute disgust. He walks away from this species of human he now views to be inferior, his petrifying protrusion in full display. He manages to escape the city and immediately travels to the most remote island he can find. He lives the rest of his days on this island and died with absolutely no regrets. Despite all this, he had managed to overcome the toughest of ordeals and had achieved true enlightenment knowing he had died a true virgin chad. After this day, the fabled fornicator was never seen again.

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