prank him john

*John:“yo look who fell asleep first “*

*Joe:“* [***prank him John***]( *!”*

*John:” hehe you already know “*

*-John licks lips and face gets Serious-*

*-John repeatedly claps* [***jims***]( *cheeks-*

*Joe:” YOO* [***YOOOOOOO***](

#prank #john

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  1. “No’s come to valle spencer”.

    This is: " the additions are the twitter included in the htps:/wwwurbandictionary. The definition of cot &quot.

    It is that he already knows.

    Yohn’s weekend goes to bed and someone dangerous.

    “Yimbed tweetps:/wwwwwwwwwwurban”.

    It is not known what to do.

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