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I’d fuck Princess from Clash Royale so goddamn hard. I’ll ensure I cream pie her repeatedly to get her pregnant. Hours of hot sex and endless streams of hot cum going down her throat. The endless hours of us fucking would be euphoric. Sore with bliss and in body from the pounding of my cock in her pussy. Her hot breath against my neck as I shove my rock hard dick deeper into her making sure the cum goes into her womb. Even pregnant with our children (yes we’re having triplets) jaiden would still suck me off daily eagerly begging for my delicious cum to drip down her throat. Her choker breaking everytime as I ram her into submission. I’d come home from work and she’d be on her knees begging for my cock. Oh god just thinking about it makes my cock harder than bedrock at my desk. I’ll have to pump her soon after work. Jaiden is truly the greatest person I would ever fuck into oblivion. Jaiden and I weren’t even married yet, something my devoutly Catholic parents would not approve of. That’s what made it more euphoric and sexy. Knowing she’s pregnant and that I had sex with her (almost 200 times since we first fucked behind the school bleachers) makes me even harder. Me grunting “who’s my little cumslut whore” would make her pussy twitch increasing my cum load.

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