Probably 9 out of 10 adhd diagnoses in my age group were boredom

Humans aren’t meant to sit all day until they age. So it’s honestly just modern Medicine targeting the hunters out of the hunters vs. gatherer’s philosophy. However, in the past decade I have seen that diagnosis less and less as Physicians are taking natural human tendencies into account.

I do get angry with people who seek out this diagnosis for children who are clearly not ADHD.

Some people do have this but I see 10 misdiagnoses for every correct diagnosis.
Like to diagnosis this the child should be failing completely at life, not jumping around happily, bc guess what? Happy kids jump around.

And it is so medically messed up that a jumping kid is considered disabled and not happy.

It’s like “What?!? This kid is happy? I know! Let’s sedate him/her! 💡”

I see it a lot, and it’s super messed up.

Like take the time to find solutions to having energy instead of taking it away. Especially bc most of these kids before medication can pass standardized school tests.

The issue is that they won’t sit down because YOU are tired. Well how does YOU being tired equate to sedating a child?!

I always thought people were dumb and then I found out my IQ was 128-135 and I was like OMG they really are dumb!

At least I can turn to meta to express some of the inequalities I see.

I guess some parents just aren’t willing to talk their children through life. They’d rather sedate them like an accessory, but whatever. 😉😑😤😮‍💨🤭😚😉😁☺️

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