PSA for white people

I get it. I’m white, too. I grew up in Baton Rouge in the 1960s, which is about as racist as it gets. I’ve spent the last few decades in self reflection about the attitudes I grew up with. Here’s my advice…
When you’re alone with your white friends, never use that word. Sure, it’s safe there, but just fucking don’t. But take it beyond that. When you’re alone in your car, and you see a black person do something you disapprove of, don’t mutter the N word to yourself.
But take it farther. Stop thinking the word. Eliminate it from your subconscious altogether.
It’s been a lifelong journey for me to be a better person than what I was raised to be. I literally never tell anyone that I’m not racist, because those attitudes take a lifetime to overcome. I recently told a black friend that I’m a racist. She was shocked. Then I explained that it’s like the guy who never drinks, because he’s an alcoholic. I admit my past, and I am making amends to the best of my abilities.
And because of that, I have almost no chance of accidentally saying something racist. I avoid thinking racist thoughts and I don’t speak racist words.
It’s a journey.

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