PSA: PLEASE! Stop acting like Rob has ever had a consistent rating standard.

I’m sick of it. Rob has never rated level consistently and never will, so the argument “this level is rated but not this” is stupid. People go out of their way to borderline-harass people because “Generic Glow Megacollab #2758” isn’t rated. Some creators are new, and expected them to be on the same level as multiple community veterans is a load of bs. Joke levels are always discussed, but how about this: THEY ARE JOKES AND AREN’T MEANT TO BE HIGH QUALITY. AOD was the last straw for me, because it got to the point where a creator’s first rate was bashed because “AOD isn’t rated but this is?” Even after AOD got rated people weren’t satisfied because it got only a rate and no feature. To everyone that complains about the rate system being “broken,” know that the rated system cannot be broken cause there is nothing to break. There is no “system.” Rob rated a level or doesn’t, no major guidelines followed other than simple stuff. Please stop complaining about rates or the lack of rates, because I am pissed off.

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