Putin is an asset for Biden

The idea that Putin is a Kremlin asset for Biden is becoming more credible by the day. Think about it, sorry for politics, Russia is accused of getting trump elected… And Biden won because everyone hated Trump. Without Trump it would have been Hillary or maybe Bernie later on. Dark Brandon secured power through Putin. And Putin also funded Brexit, which is Biden’s revenge against the Br*tish (Biden is Irish Catholic). Now that Russia is basically eliminated as a global power, and N Korea (china’s last ally) is going to deplete there weapons too, there is just Iran. Now, just today Biden gave the green light to Israel to fuck up Iran. Other things this war has caused: high energy prices for the europoors which has brought the US dollar above the Euro, a stronger NATO with America at the lead, and a Europe that wants the US to defend it. Meanwhile, Putin is trying to stir things up in Serbia –which would let “bomb Belgrade Biden” have round two.

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