Pyrocynical’s “My Response” Video

I’m gonna use this video to address the allegations made against me. Recently to those who are unaware, I’ve been accused of grooming a 15 year old boy when I was 19.

That I’m some kind of predator, and was aware of his age all along. This is categorically untrue, and a complete lie.

Supposed proof of these insane allegations is paper thin, and embarrassingly wrong.

I originally made a response on my submadghosts, and I truly believed the evidence I provided was enough. And for a time it was.

But a few days ago, a poorly written google doc has surfaced, claiming that I have lied in my response and I am 100% guilty.

I just wanna be clear, I’ve never lied at any point. This document is disingenuous, manipulative, and it fails to include so much of my original statement.

Bringing new information to light, but also making points to prove my guilt, that I already proven to be untrue in my first statement. Its managed to fool so many people, like I’ve seen video after video of people now saying that I’m a liar.

This document makes, like, insane assumptions based on limited and broken evidence. It-its not hard to dismantle it, its just annoying that I have to be the one to do it. For those who haven’t read the entirety of my original response, let me give a little background.

When I was 19-20, I liked to take part in this degenerate, furry roleplay with pretty much anyone that would reciprocate. And looking back on it now, the word “cringe”, that doesn’t near do enough justice to how sad this all was. These conversations NEVER led to any nudes being exchanged.

It was just purely fantasy garbage. Something which Ivory himself confirms. What these people looked like, their gender, these weren’t variables. I could’ve been doing this with a 90 year old cave troll and it wouldn’t have made a difference. It was roleplay after all, your just pretending.

Now it turns out my accuser, Ivory, one of the people that I’ve had these conversations with, was 15, 3-4 years younger than I was. It was entirely my responsibility to verify his age before having these conversations. And the fact that I didn’t, that is so incredibly negligent of me to do so. I may have been young myself, but still old enough to know better.

But let me be very clear, I had absolutely NO idea that he was 15. I absolutely DID NOT LIE in my original Madghosts post, and I would like to emphasize that. Ivory himself did not disclose to me directly that he was 15.

And the evidence itself supports this too. Up until September this year, I’d been perfectly cool with him, We’d been still speaking and still on very good terms. However, for one reason or another, he felt the need to come out about these allegations. To expose that I’m a sexual predator, I took advantage of him, and I knew his age all along.

This is all untrue, and I’m amazed how out of proportion this has all blown up. Several of our conversations were leaked online by Ivory. Here’s one of the more, uh, damning ones.






Literally Deviant Art tier. My god. He provided a lot of proof like this to show how much of a degenerate I was and I-i mean, I agree, you know. You got me.

Now, the whole world pretty much knows what I jack off to. But, what he and no one else has done, is come close to substantiating how this constitutes as grooming. Ivory himself even struggles to explain how what I did was grooming. To disprove this, I literally have to see something to disprove, but there’s literally nothing.

Its a blanket statement of “Pyrocynical groomed me.” The only thing I can possibly think of is inviting him and a bunch of other people to an event in the UK. And somehow, this got spun as me buying him a plane ticket to fly him out to have sex with him. Sive, PewDiePie’s editor is one of the many people I invited to this event.

And he agrees the claim is just complete bullshit. I really don’t understand how you can reach the conclusion I invited him just to have sex with him. I invited him casually, no plane ticket was purchased, no specific hand-made invite was sent. It was flippant, non-chalant, and that exact same invite was copied and pasted word for word to dozens of people.

Ivory himself even said he did not get any sexual tones from this. I mean yeah, we shared some fat furry art, we had some weird fantasy roleplay, but there was no sexual interest. There were no nudes exchanged, his name, his appearance, it wasn’t important to me. I didn’t even no what he looked like at this point. I mean, if he linked me a picture or something, I would’ve forgotten it because it was just that irrelevant to me. But I’m gonna jump right ahead anyway and invite him to come over just for sex. Okay.

Now this document, it tries really, really hard to prove that I knew Ivory’s age despite the fact that they have nothing concrete. “Pyrocynical never saw any of the tweets of Ivory explicitly saying that he was 15 years old, on an account Pyrocynical follow and interacted with regularly.” They then provided a list of Ivory stating his age multiple times on Twitter.

So if I’m so sure that I didn’t know he was 15, how would I have missed this. This is something I said in my original Madghosts statement. “He never once disclosed the fact that he was 15 at the time these exchanges commenced. He didn’t include his age in his bio until he was 16 but I was not on Twitter between 28th December 2016 until 29th June 2017, as I was suspended.”

It would have been a hell of a lot less likely for me to see all but one of these tweets that’s been used as evidence in this Google Doc. My Madghosts post clearly shows that I was suspended from Twitter at the time that they were made. And that of course leaves the very last one. But like, what are the chances of you catching one specific tweet when you follow 100’s of people. I brought this up in my Madghosts post as well, but its been deliberately left out as some like, shit attempt at manipulation. I find it funny, like, they’re acting like I’m hiding something, when ironically that’s exactly what they’re doing here. Literally all they needed to do was read my Madghosts post. Its not even that long, man. Its a page.

The next two points the Doc makes are so interchangeable, I’m just gonna tackle both at once. “Pyrocynical never saw the initial DM from Ivory saying he was a minor.”

“Pyrocynical never saw the DM where Ivory sent him his twitter profile, clearly stating his age.”

The next part really confuses me, because the claim is, because he linked his Twitter, because it had his age in his bio, I now retroactively know, when this message or that message was sent, I knew he was 15. What? When Ivory linked me his Twitter profile, the age in bio said 16. This is something I acknowledged in my Madghosts post, but to be fair, I probably didn’t elaborate enough on it.

In retrospect, I never should have continued the furry stuff with him once I learnt of his age. Even though at the time, I didn’t see it as a problem. Legally, age of consent is 16 in both my country and his state.I didn’t consider the age gap significant enough because what we were talking about and doing was so far removed from actual sex. It literally was just fantasy furry garbage, because I didn’t consider Ivory sexual in any way in person. I never had a plan to progress our friendship into something more.

And I never considered it an issue. I understand, though, that you know, this is gonna be one of those weird grey areas where people are gonna agree or disagree. I think its a combination of all of these variables coming together, which led me to believe that at the time, there was nothing wrong from a moral standpoint. As for the other message, I don’t remember seeing this message, and I’m not sure why its being used as proof that I knew he was 15, because if you compare the dates, this message was sent two months after he sent me his link with his age in bio. The last two points for this segment,

I wanna tackle both at once here as well.

“Pyrocynical, who at the time was expressing interest in Ivory and being in a relationship at the time, which was corroborated by Pyrocynical’s at the time soon to be girlfriend, still never knew Ivory’s age. An age with Ida clearly acknowledged, and an age which she thought would not dissuade him from being in a relationship with Ivory.”

“Somehow. Ivory never ever mentioned his age, and no one else mentioned his age in the presence of Pyrocynical outside of all these clear instances even once.”

So, here they’re trying to make it seem impossible I wouldn’t have known his age, or have to do some kind of insane mental gymnastics to never find out. But, if you look at the DM’s Ivory provided himself for this document, you can see that he’s confiding with Ida about age being a problem. Keep in mind as well, I was not in a relationship with Ida until about mid-2019. This document claims it is “soon to be”, but like, its a whole 2 years before we actually started dating. And, two whole years before this conversation took place. I mean, we both talked before, but we weren’t close.

She had no reason to confide in me with someone else’s private information. So back when Ivory opened up to Ida with something private, there is no guarantee that she would’ve came and told me, despite the fact that this document and videos based off this document claim it is concrete, irrefutable proof.

Why would Ida think to tell me about a random conversation that she had with someone over two years ago? The messages from Ivory regarding a relationship were completely one-sided. If it helps for context, because we’re being so open here, I’m straight IRL, like, I have no interest in guys, this is just purely, like, a weird fantasy and it does not carry over into the real world whatsoever.

But, one thing there is no excuse about, is Ida attacking Ivory in DM’s once he posted about me. What she said is deplorable and I don’t agree with it at all. It did come from an emotional place, but that is not an excuse. Now, one where the document tries to criticize my initial statement is the fact that I used evidence that was later retracted. One of them was a Twitter thread of someone trying to prove that I was innocent, and someone else is an individual that Ivory had sent kink stuff to. The thing is though, with this information retracted, my original statement isn’t debunked.

The document fixates on this specific fact that people withdrew information while ignoring so many points like what I mentioned earlier. On top of that as well the person who made the thread defending me recently came out and said that at no point did he actually apologize for making that thread, and his words have been twisted and put in this document to be used against him. The reason why I used these twitter screenshots against him is the fact that I felt his accusations came from a place of dishonesty. We spoke casually on and off until September of this year.

I provided screenshots of our conversations that were posted in my Madghosts statement. There was no bad blood. And then when other people came on Twitter, saying they also had dishonest experiences with him, I used that to further my own belief that these accusations were made for the sake of it. Me including the anecdotal evidence led to the belief that Ivory lied about his age.

That is never a claim I’ve made that he’s done to me, Ive only said I did not know his age at 15. Which in turn, has caused more people to believe that I lied in my original statement. I just wanna say though, this is not an excuse, it is entirely my responsibility to verify age. But, this never escalated from two morons talking about inhaling furry farts, and I never intended it to.

Ergo, grooming. There was a message used of me basically having a breakdown, that was put in Ivory’s original post, saying pretty much how everyone’s gonna find out and I have to keep looking over my shoulder, that my paranoia was through the roof. And this has been twisted, of course, to make it seem that I am guilty for grooming a 15 year old.

I think its quite obvious what, like, I’m actually worried about. I didn’t want the public to find out I was a complete degenerate and into this furry roleplay shit, yeah, ANYONE would be embarrassed by that. I haven’t had any conversations remotely resembling this for the past three years. But of course, I still did and still kind of do hate myself for it.

That being said, of the last couple weeks, I’ve learned to embrace it cause, that’s all I can do now. This is a good time now to actually discuss a Discord conversation that was leaked, where I’m asking someone for a way to, like, mass delete Discord messages. Very obvious explanation. I was shit-scared of the public finding out that I was a complete degenerate. And you know, pretty much just being kink shamed for all eternity.

But this has now been twisted into like, me trying to hide evidence of grooming to escape internet justice. They’re trying to make it out to be far more insidious than it actually is and, its sick. People seem to be choosing, like, what part of my statement to run with, instead of acknowledging all of it. They twist what they wanna twist, misinterpret what they wanna misinterpret, and then they just, ignore the rest. I’m just again amazed how people read this document and just believed it at face value. The problem is I have with this drama, there, there is NO middle ground.

Originally, Ivory was labeled a manipulative clout chaser, that could do no wrong, because people chose to believe my screenshots over his. But now those same people are saying I’m guilty, because they read this document, and didn’t bother to cross reference it with my original statement. And also, these are the same people that say I shouldn’t take my time with this response. There needs to be a middle ground. I did fuck up, there is no excuse.

And I am sorry for that. But I am not a groomer, or a predator, and, documents like these only try to show one side and build a narrative that I’m a liar, when I have never actually changed my story from my original post. My mistake, if anything, was not being clearer. I have never tried to hide anything. This document has managed to fool so many people.

Like, you’ve got this person, who came to one of my meet and greets, and they’re dressed as my character. The effort they went to is insane. But, thanks to this document, they recently came out claiming that I was only nice to them because I had an ulterior motive. The document also tackles a tweet Ivory made where he says he hates me and I’m a leech.

This was a copypasta and it was like, so easy to disprove. The majority of people found out as soon as you like, copypasted the actual tweet into the search bar. I didn’t even think to mention this in my original statement because it was totally beside the point. I think it was included here as a way to make Ivory’s claim seem more genuine, without having to do any actual work. Why would you try so hard to debunk a claim, 20 people complained about on Twitter, but yet, ignore the fact that I provided exact dates of my Twitter suspension?

“Another argument Pyrocynical made lies in the idea that Ivory messages other people of a similar age around the same time.”

They then show a screenshot that I posted of Ivory talking about the cringe furry stuff with someone else. Ivory then posted the rest of the conversation on Twitter. And, it really doesn’t change the narrative much. Apart from adding that he wants to be left alone. At the time, I felt it was more than fair that I share an example of Ivory having a similar conversation with someone else. And how he wasn’t affected by it as he claims he was with me.He still excused the guy, there’s no callout post on him, and I think it was fair to question that. Like, why didn’t he see a problem? Now, I understand I have a lot more reach and power, a much larger platform, but, this document goes as far as to compare me to legitimate predators. Like, Kiwiz, someone who sent and received nudes from a 14 year old girl, lied about it ever happening, and then his excuse was “Don’t trust girls”. They also posted a screenshot of Ida saying that I did this with everyone. There this one part of the doc that claims that people make the mistake of not watching an entire video before they pass judgement. And this is like, bitterly ironic. You make that claim, but you leave so much out of my original statement. Its written with like, such cruel intentions, and it waits until page 16 out of 19. Only then to confirm that I never actually sent or received nudes. I like as well how they hid it in the middle of that huge paragraph. It also tries to twist conversations like this one.

You know, like claiming this isn’t part of a roleplay, but, discussing the hypothetical of having sex with Ivory. No context, no conversation before, no conversation after. Your just meant to interpret this as 100% “I wanted to have sex with him in person”. This document probably never thought I’d actually respond to it piece by piece because, you know, the majority of the messages are just SO fucking bad to look at. This document is cowardly, I mean, like, the ending is no exception, like, they don’t even definitively state if I groomed anyone.

They just leave enough room for people to draw that conclusion themself, without openly saying it. Even if this was made in good faith, it is a severe case of tunnel vision, trying to right and perceive wrong. But I can’t just sit here, you know, and let my name get dragged through the mud. On a side note unrelated to this doc, I’ve actually seen screenshots circulating around, of someone who drew like, fanart of my fox character back in 2016. I then apparently replied to them, like, jokingly saying not thick enough, and then asking for their age, and they said 15. So when people saw this, they instantly drew parallels to the grooming allegation.

I asked them for a “thicc” version, and they drew this, which isn’t even really that different from previous things they drew before even getting into contact with me. I didn’t commission it, what was drawn wasn’t pornographic. They’ve drawn very similar stuff before, and, there was no roleplay here, it was nothing. And the thing is, this wasn’t even a callout post, the person that made the original video, just said it was funny. That being said, it was incredibly irresponsible of me, and not my best look, I admit.

But this isn’t at all comparable to the current situation. Now, I do wanna directly say something to Ivory, and apologize to him, and to anyone else that I did the, furry roleplay garbage with. What seemed consensual and reciprocal may very well not have been. It’s not my place to decide, it happened, it was my responsibility to verify age. And I never did. And I am sorry for that. You shouldn’t have been put in that in that situation, and it was stupid of me to message people about this furry stuff without taking into account the influence of my platform.

Especially considering how sexual the tone of these messages were. It wasn’t until later, where I decided this was an issue, and decided to stop entirely. I hope you can understand the frustration in my original post, but I shouldn’t have attacked you, only apologized and defended myself. Now, really good closing out here for anyone that is still confused to any degree.

If your accusation is solely “Pyrocynical is a complete degenerate and should have not had these conversations with someone that he didn’t realize was 15”, you win. I can’t dispute that.

But if you either insinuated, contributed, or directly called me a pedophile, who groomed someone knowing that they were 15, that is a completely false claim.

I’ve said my peace, I’ve admitted fault, and apologized to the best of my ability. I just wanna move on from this, I want it to end. Thank you for watching, and hopefully this gives you a more widened view on the situation.

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