r/minecraft mods copypasta (yes the mods are this big of assholes)

source [https://www.madghosts.com/r/MCPE/comments/xejfzf/comment/ioj06ta/](https://www.madghosts.com/r/MCPE/comments/xejfzf/comment/ioj06ta/)

yes the minecraft mods are really this big of assholes. they removed a creation that took months, which was 3d minecraft INSIDE minecraft only using redstone to make a whole graphics card and cpu. removed for server advertising 💀🤓🤡

The year is 2069. The [r/Minecraft](https://www.madghosts.com/r/Minecraft/) mod slumps over in his anime VR body suit. He has 20 Madghosts posts open in 360 degrees. A post about building a dirt house? **This post has been marked as a Tired Submission**. Ice boating around a creatively designed race course? Nothing we haven’t seen a thousand times over; REMOVED. Removal after removal, the moderator ponders how people can be so unoriginal? With billions of active players, surely someone will come up with something new. The mod removes a nether base, a funny villager behavior, a Bedrock bug and ten thousand more posts. He asked himself, what is the point of all this? In the pursuit of stamping out any duplicate ideas, after 60 years, they had come to remove every new post. But then, it happened! It seemed like an innocuous post simply titled “Minecraft”. The moderator clicked it open as he had done ten billion times before. But he realized that the post was **a link to Minecraft itself**. The path was clear: he opened up the submadghosts rules, scrolled down to the bottom of the Tired Submissions list (which took some time), and he added a simple rule—**NO MINECRAFT: we have all seen this game a million times, so there is no need to post about it**. An auto moderator was soon configured to remove all posts, since they all related to Minecraft. And with that, the [r/Minecraft](https://www.madghosts.com/r/Minecraft/) moderator’s life mission was complete. He had saved the [r/Minecraft](https://www.madghosts.com/r/Minecraft/) community from itself. He turned off the redstone computer he was browsing Madghosts on, turned on his 128k quantum simulation ray tracing shaders, and while his computer caught fire, he watched the sun set on a grateful universe.

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