r/teenagers: Fortnite community>Minecraft community.

Fuck me all I see right now is Minecraft stans this abs Minecraft stans that. It’s all about fucking dream and all those unfunny in creative annoying kids. Timmyinit is so fucking annoying yet literally every kid 12-15 simps over him.

Let me ask you this…when’s the last time the fortnite community has had drama that actually matters? That’s right, fortnite is obviously declining, and that makes for less annoying and obsessive fans. Minecraft fans are so insanely obsessive and annoying that it drives me insane.

Thing is, this is my opinion obviously but Minecraft isn’t even that fun now, I also don’t play fortnite but the community over there actually seems so much more chill then Minecraft’s. Come at me you 12 year old Minecraft worshipping stans.

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