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It’s been a while since I moved to this new town, but even after getting familiarized with my new environment I still got to discover a new characteristic of this place… It was yesterday, I walked around the streets as usual, and suddenly a silouhette passed in front of my eyes so fast that I couldn’t recognize the object. But this mysterious thing will soon get undiscovered when it broke through a wall and carried with him an aged man. At this moment I could have a sight of what I recognized as Spiderman! As soon as he landed a huge crowd appeared around him, so I couldn’t get any closer. I got back home and turned on the TV, it was spiderman again… Apparently the superhero caught a 40 year old racist man spamming racial slurs online, nobody could find him but fortunately he did! “This is a lesson for all discorders out here, don’t be racist or I will come after you!” Spiderman said before vanishing into thin air And like this I learned that racism isn’t tolerated

Today we’re in super town in front of Spiderman residence, and as you’ve guessed it Spiderman is our guest today so how’s going string spitter -yeah it’s alright for me, I just am uncomfortable because of the pollution, you know spiders like fresh air. And yeah we caught a big big fly so dinner’s going to be sick. -yeah whatever, we’re here to ask you about the recent drama, what’s your opinion about racism -oh he’s not too tough, I would say at least rank D in my villain tier list… Too bad he couldn’t have been a tougher challenge for me -yeah thank you let’s get back and interview another superhero

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