Ralsei from Deltarune, the cute goat boy.

What is it about this fucking goat that awakens my inner caveman. fucking dammit, I’ve had no interest in males, real or fictional, until this fluffy, huggable, submissive, sweet, twinky little fucking goatboy started catching my attention. This picture encapsulates everything about him that makes me want to pin him down, give him a tongue bath, and milk his (not-so) little wang until he sees fucking stars. His face, drooling, panting, begging, desperate for sweet release. I can practically hear him crying out, begging for some tender loving care. The blush, the drool, those glazed, watery, hot pink irises, all of it is making my inner caveman go apeshit. I can imagine him screaming my name, squealing airy cries of “I love you!’ between desperate gasps for breath. And that cock… holy shit, the terrible, unspeakable things I would do to it. Ignoring the fact that it’s a damn street bollard, it looks so.. perfect. I’m not a sub by any means, and this is no different. I don’t want to kneel in front of Ralsei begging or any of that cringe shit (He probably doesn’t like topping or domming anyway. he’s just too sweet and submissive). I want to tease that thing until there’s tears running down his face. It’s immaculate. Perfect. No smegma or over detailed wrinkles or fucking dialysis patient veins in sight. Just soft, beautiful, silky skin on a gorgeous shaft, growing pinker and even more tender towards the top. Imagine just running your fingers along it’s contours, hearing him coo and whimper as your fingers tease him. And holy mother of hades, look at the bottom. You know what I’m talking about; the soft underbelly of the beast that surrounds his urethra. Apparently, it’s called the Corpus Spongiosum in medical terms. Well, whatever the fuck it’s called, I want to fucking ruin it. Look at how much it bulges out, like there’s so much cum in there that he’ll explode if you so much as blow on it. I want to rub it. Feel the hardness of his shaft against my thumb, contrasted beautifully by the softness and tenderness of the underbelly against my fingertips. Run my lips along it and suckle it while he’s on his back, moaning helplessly with my hair caught in matted knots between his clutching, shaking, dainty fingers. Look at his glans, man. It looks so fucking tender and delicate that a feather could leave an indent in it. Just think of how soft it is, your tongue flicking wildly at it, pressing it and getting under it, licking “under the hood” and sending his beautiful pink eyes to the back of his skull. Look at that little bead of his fluids dripping down along the creases of the top of his foreskin. He must be so fucking sensitive that just a few drops running along his length brings his knees against each other. I want to edge him and edge him and edge him until the room is fucking ankle deep in his precum. I want to hear him whimper as I pet and stroke and tickle, and caress his length, hour after hour, day after day, until finally I take him, swallowing his tongue and his ecstasy as I make him explode. I want to make him cum. I want to make him cum until one of us fucking dies, man. I wouldn’t get inside his soft, fluffy goat boi butt until I know I can’t hold myself in anymore and I need to fill him with my affections. Until then I want to milk him. Tie him down on the bed and make him spurt upwards like a fountain, working my hands up and down and feeling his penis pulsate over and over again. Or maybe if the frame is tall enough I’d take the mattress off, tie him face down and milk him from underneath. Press my thumb and index finger around the base of his dick so his cum builds up, so when he gets close and that lovely melting feeling comes over him, it doesn’t hit a crescendo, Not right away. Instead, the melting only gets more intense, the feeling of his body welling up with pleasure now overflowing to the point where he just can’t contain it. I want to hear him beg for sweet release as my lips and my tongue continue tormenting him, pleading for orgasm as that melting arm gets deeper and more intense than he could have ever imagined, reaching his very core and making him flat out cry with arousal and pure, unimaginable need. then I would release him and feel his delicious length contracting with his joy, pulsating in my mouth and against my fingers with so much force it feels like it would force my jaws open. and then I’d do it again. And again and again and again as he drifts in an out of consciousness, his words slurred, his cheeks soaked in his tears, and his cock continually at my mercy. He would not be safe from me. The moment he would see me, he would know that little gown of his is coming off, and that gorgeous cock is getting attention. Fuck Susie, Kris, Berdley, and Noelle and whatever notions of “privacy,” “timing” or “decency” they have. I’d fucking do it in front of them (just not Lancer though. He’s still just a little kid). With whatever magic I could learn, I would make a velvet-lined box and a ring, put the ring around his dong, and connect it with the box so that his dick is there inside, tangible and beautiful as it is on his very person. He’d still have it, and he’d see it whenever he’d go to the bathroom or undress, but he’d see the indentations left by my fingers whenever I play with him. I would not leave him alone. I’d constantly open the box and go to town, sucking, licking, jerking, and just adoring him until I’ve had my fill. I’d take it out in the bathroom during lunchbreak and give him a quick orgasm. I’d take it out in the shower and run it under the showerhead in massage mode. I’d fucking cuddle with it at night, just holding it close and rubbing it against my cheeks, nuzzling it and planting loving kisses all along it. Him and his sweet little face and his soft supple butt and, his beautiful, perfect fucking penis would be all mine. No Homo, of course

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