Random Discord message of my friend

1. Wait
2. Do you mean mid?
3. Because here is why if you don’t mean mid then that’s a problem because in the reality of this world we call “among us” when the impostor is sussy it js clsssicfyied or as one might say justified for mid so we say the part getting tighter like A so the first party and then YO so if we combine these two letters and stall for a bit more longer so we can become mid we will get AYO so AYO means AYO and results into a adjective to describe a sus pious moment so if we describe those two video during the is time we may call it AYO but you might be asking “but hagop Ayo isn’t mid” well hold one little jimmy ley me put you in the microwave for a second because Ayo can possible be mid sometimes for example this case in where your videos are mid overall so thank you for look at this message so you in the next video

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