random r/childfree post but i replaced “children” with “black people”

I don’t understand why my not wanting to be around black people makes people so angry??

I don’t particularly like black people. Not in the sense that I’d go out of my way to be mean to them, I just don’t want to be around blacks if I can avoid it.

The city I live in is heavily populated with black families. They have essentially taken over all the restaurants, breweries, and even the bars any time before 8:00 (and sometimes after then as well). I would have less of an issue with this if they at least watched their blacks, but they don’t.

I asked in a local sub about any black-free restaurants, just to see if any existed. I made it very clear I wasn’t looking for a debate, wasn’t hating on anyone, was ONLY looking for restaurants. I got SO MUCH hate and nasty PMs.

People were bringing up my post history, saying I need therapy because I post in AITA sometimes. It was suggested that I might shoot up a school for some reason. Most people said that I just needed to stop whining about blacks and get over it or eat at home if I can’t handle blacks, which was at the most unhelpful. I got PMs telling me I’m a disturbed and selfish individual and soooo many comments along the lines of “you were a black once too!”. Even a madghosts cares PM.

I just wanted restaurant recommendations.

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