[RANT] Please stop saying “Slay” like there was a massacre going on

Obviously I would never call anyone out on something like this on the actual platform, but it’s begun to annoy the hell out of me. I have begun to despise and have a hatred for the people who say “Slay Queen” “Slay” or anything that has “Slay.” My eyeballs cringe whenever I see this getting spammed, or this “💅” goddamn emoji. I’ve only ever seen people use that emoji to communicate if they’re gay.

Can’t you all just say something meaningful, besides spamming “Slayyyy” or “yasss queen” every minute when you win a goddamn minigame? It’s like you suddenly just lost a brain cell. **I just block the people who do this and avoid confrontation since I know I would be in the wrong for calling them out on it. This is just my opinion and a RANT to get my thoughts out, but I expect to be downvoted to oblivion.**

#RANT #stop #Slay #massacre

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